Tailored component deliveries

Tailored component deliveries

We work closely together with installation companies specialising in our products. Together we can offer the benefits of our products and technical support to a wide range of construction projects.

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Project development support

Working together with developers, designers and main contractors from the early phase of the project allows us to add more customer value.

Using our customers' needs and expectations as a base, our expertise in design, production and installation provides reliable information for planning, cost estimating and scheduling. As a project team member involved in the early phases, we can offer a unique perspective on the construction and property performance later on in the process. 

Materials and solutions are fitted within a fast, efficient, industrial construction process, and also help you to secure high sustainability ratings.

Design support

We offer extensive design tools and guidance for our products. We also have local support people to help developers and designers to get the most from our offering, particularly for large and complicated projects.

Subject to country and product the final stages of product design for project applications are done by us here at Ruukki. In those cases, our designers will support the project architects and structural designers in scheduling and providing initial data.

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Component production

Our building components are industrially produced to fit unique circumstances and technical requirements on site. They fit their location on the construction site, minimising waste and making site operations efficient even though the solution might be complex. This, in turn, reduces workload for all members of the project team.

The professionals at our factories are qualified in their fields, whether that be welding, assembling, surface treatment or coating. We have a strict quality control system, which ensures the safety, quality and efficiency of our production.

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Products in the solution

Sandwich panels

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Facade claddings

Find our facade cladding offering from here.

Load-bearing sheets

Find our load-bearing sheet offering from here.


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