Cold storage panels for food industry

Ruukki's insulated cold storage panel system offers low operating costs, thanks to high levels of both thermal insulation properties and airtightness. Panel thicknesses from 120mm to 200mm and different coating options for higher levels of hygiene makes this panel system suitable for different types of cold storage.

Our cold storage panels have high quality PIR insulation material to ensure long term durability, even in the most demanding applications.

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Cold storage panel offering

Sandwich panel SP2E PIR UK for external wall

Sandwich panel SP2E PIR UK is available in thicknesses 120 - 200 mm.

Low U-value and proper joint design together with wide thickness range make this sandwich panel an ideal solution for cold storage buildings.The panel's excellent quality ensures very good fire resistance properties, thus increasing fire safety of buildings.  

The core of this sandwich panel is made of rigid, HCFC-free, self-extinguishing and sustainable polyisocyanurate foam (PIR). Its excellent thermal insulation properties allow for the decrease of panel thickness which transfers directly to lower transportation and assembly costs, as well as significant savings of building's life cycle costs. 


  • External walls
  • Cold storage
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