Load-bearing sheets

Our load-bearing profiled sheets are made of high-quality raw materials for roof construction of commercial and industrial buildings. They are fast and easy to assemble.

Load-bearing sheets are a cost-effective roof solution for achieving long life spans, which eliminates secondary steelwork. They may also be designed as a stressed skin to distribute horizontal loads to the frame/foundations.

Available in a wide range of profiles, coatings and finishes, load-bearing sheets offer many design opportunities.

Ruukki composite sheets provide a cost efficient way of building load-bearing floor structures. Composite sheets are used as a reinforcement in concrete slabs.

Ruukki load-bearing sheets can be used for a variety of buildings, such as:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Recreational buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Renovation projects.

Load-bearing sheet offering

Load-bearing sheet T45-30L-905

Optimal geometry of the T45 enables cost efficient roof structures for reasonable spans.

For the optimal structural dimensioning, use Ruukki’s roof dimensionin software, Poimu.

T45 is targeted for roof structures with spans less than 3.5m.

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