Glass creates a high gloss and durable flat surface for the facade. Vibrant colours in different glazing sizes together with narrow and freely located joints enable almost unlimited combinations.


Surface treatment Material thickness (mm) Corrosivity category UV resistance Minimum order amount (m2)
Glass (high gloss) 6 C3 n/a 40


Corrosivity categories describe the outdoor climate conditions in accordance with EN12944. The higher the category, the more corrosive environment.

Read more about UV-resistance and corrosivity categories.

Glass finishes

RAL9017 Traffic Black Glass

Facade cladding products available in Glass

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Liberta Glass

  • Width: 240 - 1198 mm
  • Height: 275 - 798 mm
  • Depth: Standard/Min: 39 mm
  • Fasteners: concealed

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Other materials

Copper, Brass, Bronze

Patina forming on the wall and various pre-patina options give these solid metals a live, genuine surface for very long time spans.


Cor-Ten is a solid steel that has a natural, rugged patina that ages continuously in a unique way.

Pattern-painted aluminium

The painted pattern on the metal sheet makes the surface livelier when observed at very close proximity.


Colour-coated metal facade products are a durable way to use colours in all sizes of monotone surfaces and colour compositions.


Patinated Rheinzink has an aesthetically soft, matt surface that gives a very natural impression. The patina changes very little over time.


Brushed design aluminium produces a brushed, directional shine combined with the high gloss of a varnish layer.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel maintains its shine and appearance very well and, as a solid material, it is very easy to maintain.