From smooth cooperation to partnership

Feb 27, 2020

Lett-Tak manufactures roof elements which allow for faster construction of industrial buildings, apartment buildings and public buildings. The company’s factory in Larvik, around 120 kilometres south of Norwegian capital Oslo, has 140 employees. The company’s main markets are currently Norway and Sweden, but Lett-Tak now makes a grand entrance on the Finnish market by delivering roof elements for the new multi-purpose arena in Tampere. The arena will host the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2022.

“With roof elements, construction is up to four times faster than normal. In climate-controlled indoor spaces without fluctuations in temperature and humidity, prefabricated elements keep a consistently high quality. The use of elements in construction also improves workplace safety, as the roof does not need to be built at a great height”, says Thor-Inge Karlsen, production manager at Lett-Tak, when explaining the benefits of elements for the customer.

Lett-Tak’s customers are large construction companies who order tailored roof element for specific construction projects. Veneer, insulation materials and steel profiles are among the materials used for Lett-Tak’s roof elements, and Ruukki delivers side and front edge profiles for the elements. The largest profile delivered by Ruukki so far was 18 metres long and had a profile height of 44 centimetres.


Higher demands

Initially, Lett-Tak mostly made roofs for storage and industrial buildings. In the 1990s, the company began delivering its products to more demanding objects, such as public buildings, and at the turn of the millennium, it also began delivering to residential apartment buildings. Deliveries to so-called designer objects, such as concert halls, began in the 2010s. Lett-Tak’s elements have been used on an airport terminal in Oslo and a cultural centre in Larvik, among other places.

“As the construction projects have become more demanding, the demands of the customers have also become tougher. We have tested and carefully documented our entire production process and the materials we use in our production. This has also influenced where we buy our materials”, says Thor-Inge Karlsen.

Besides making elements, Lett-Tak assists customers in their construction projects by providing various services, for example by taking responsibility for everything from planning to installation. The company has ten professional designers who ensure that the elements look exactly as they should, and the installation service makes sure that they are correctly installed. The combination of product and services gives the customers security, as competent professionals take responsibility for the whole project.


A chain of quality and trust

Ruukki and Lett-Tak have had a customer relationship since Lett-Tak was founded. Production manager Thor-Inge Karlsen explains that the cooperation is continuous and that the parties meet up at least twice a year to plan their continued cooperation.

According to Thor-Inge Karlsen, Ruukki’s strengths are their security of supply, their punctuality and their ability to deliver products also for large projects. Ruukki also has documented products and materials, which the customers of Lett-Tak also expect.

“Our cooperation with Ruukki’s unit in Anderslöv is flexible and straightforward. Our short, mutual line of communication allows for quick and easy decision-making. We are partners”, says Thor-Inge Karlsen.

The successful cooperation between Lett-Tak and Ruukki is based on mutual trust and flexibility.

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