Ruukki Construction becomes a GreenCoat® partner

Oct 21, 2019

GreenCoat® is an innovative and ecological trademark for colour-coated steel sheets used in roofs, façades and rainwater systems. Beginning of October, Ruukki Construction officially signed a GreenCoat-partnership agreement with SSAB, the owner of the GreenCoat® trademark. The agreement means that Ruukki can use the GreenCoat® trademark in marketing in all its market areas. Ruukki Construction is a subsidiary of SSAB.

“Ruukki Construction’s customers have already been using GreenCoat® color-coated roofing products for a number of years now. GreenCoat® steel with its sustainable coating has been used in Ruukki roofs since 2017 and in Plannja roofs, sold on the Swedish and Norwegian markets, since 2012,” says Jouni Metsämäki, SVP Roofing, at Ruukki.

GreenCoat® color coated steels are so sustainable due to their use of a substantial portion of Nordic rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil based oils.

“It’s pleasing to note that our customers appreciate environmental awareness also in roofing products. This shows that the road to more ecological alternatives chosen by Ruukki Construction years ago was the right one,” Jouni Metsämäki adds.

The partnership agreement now signed is one of Ruukki Construction’s many choices towards more environmentally aware construction. In September 2019, Ruukki became a signatory to the World Green Building Council’s vision of a completely net zero building sector by 2050. Ruukki is greatly committed to future new ecological innovations and many of Ruukki Construction’s solutions and products are geared to a carbon-neutral society.

On a global scale, buildings account for around 39% of all carbon dioxide emissions originating in energy. The manufacture of building materials and actual construction account for around 30% of this figure and use of the building, such as heating, accounts for the remaining 70%.

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