Cor-Ten facade adds character to Fortum building in Oslo

Dec 18, 2019

Fortum Oslo Varme is the owner and operator of the district heating network in the City of Oslo, Norway. On a winter’s day the company supplies more than 20% of the Norwegian capital’s heating demand. The company has a total of 11 heating plants, one of which is in the Haradsrud district of Oslo. A new administrative building was completed next to the existing heating plant in 2018. Ruukki supplied the Ruukki Design Cor-Ten S7 façade profiles for the building. The scope of order also included support for installation and detail planning.

”We wanted the new building to both enhance the appearance of the production facilities and to blend in well with the existing buildings in the vicinity,” says Jan Morten Trønnes, head of production at Fortum Oslo Varme.

“The project was an interesting one since it comprised a number of different buildings. Special demands also arose as a result of the site on which the building stands. The area is an industrial zone in a valley, overlooked by residential areas to the east and west,” explains Åke Letting, from architects Astrup og Helleren, who designed the building.

Safety regulations guided the design of the building and contributed to the solutions chosen.

“The building features many special solutions, such as how the walls have been built and the doors and windows placed. This project required us to focus on building design in compliance with the regulations,” explains architect Martin Vodde at Astrup og Helleren.


Industrial buildings can be elegant


Costs often dictate the design of industrial facilities. Nevertheless, such facilities can be made attractive.

“We chose Cor-Ten because of its natural color, the façade is also easy to care for. Now all the buildings on the site have their own character and at the same time create a pleasant combination,” says Åke Letting.

“We wanted to create an elegant building since many Oslo residents drive past it on their way to the sorting center,” says Martin Vodde.

Jan Morten Trønnes at Fortum says that initially many people were a bit skeptical of the façade color.

“Now that Cor-Ten has taken on a patina, I’m convinced that most of our employees, as well as our visitors, like it. I really like it myself. The modern looks and easy care of the façade are the properties we wanted to give the building,” says Jan Morten Trønnes.

“I’m pleased with the project and the building looks really good. I guess the client is pleased as well because we’ve had other joint projects since then,” says Åke Letting.

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