New distribution centre in Norway means greater efficiency and even better working conditions

Nov 12, 2019

Tibnor’s new main warehouse in Norway opened in June 2019. The building has been designed to serve the business well and to be a pleasant workplace for the 65 Tibnor employees who work there.

“Controlled indoor temperature is particularly important in a warehouse, as is pleasant lighting,” says Finn Kamås, Logistics and production director at Tibnor, who represented Tibnor in the construction project.

Ruukki supplied the load-bearing sheets for the roof and the sandwich panels for the walls. Ruukki also provided the calculation of the roofing required and the installation drawings.

Panels and the roof play an important role in adjusting the temperature of the building since they both efficiently insulate the building. The indoor temperature in Tibnor’s central warehouse must never fall below +5C, not even in winter.

“We also set business targets for the building. These are delivered by centralisation. When everything is centred in one place, it also reduces costs,” notes Finn Kamås.

Tibnor is a Nordic supplier of steel, other metals and processing services. Tibnor is part of SSAB and besides the Nordics also operations in the Baltics. 

Customer’s goals for the building

Located in the municipality of Eidsvoll some 60 kilometres to the north of Oslo, the main warehouse covers a floor area of 21,000 square metres, which would comfortably house two football fields. The product range includes not just SSAB steel products, but also aluminium and stainless steel products. Tibnor earlier operated out of Furuset, a suburb of Oslo.

Finn Kamås at Tibnor says that his job was to incorporate Tibnor’s goals into the building and, since there were a number of project actors to work around, to act rather like a conductor. For example, Straye was responsible for building the walls and Metacon the roof.

“I told Metacon that we wanted a white ceiling because the ceiling and windows greatly affect lighting conditions. We knew that Ruukki had a good product to achieve what we wanted,” says Finn Kamås.

Fantastic project

It was only natural for a steel supplier to build its premises from steel and to use its own company’s products. All the same, this was not the number 1 criterion for choosing Ruukki’s products.

“Ruukki has very high-quality products, they can be quickly installed and the price was also right,” says Finn Kamås adding that, “all in all I’m very pleased with the project. The building was completed to schedule and teamwork between all the actors was exemplary. A fantastic project.”

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