Frame and bridge solutions based on customer's design

Frame and bridge solutions based on a customer's design

Where the customer's structural design team is sufficiently competent in production and installation optimisation, we can deliver the steel frame of a building or a bridge based on customer's designs thus utilising Ruukki's excellent frame production and site installation capacity.

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Frame component production

Our building components are industrially produced to fit unique circumstances and technical requirements on site. They fit their location on the construction site, minimising waste and making site operations efficient even though the solution might be complex. This, in turn, reduces workload for all members of the project team.

The professionals at our factories are qualified in their fields, whether that be welding, assembling, surface treatment or coating. We have a strict quality control system, which ensures the safety, quality and efficiency of our production.

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Frame installation

Our experienced and trained site managers and installation crews work hand in hand with project management teams. Work is done on time, in a safe and professional way. We have extensive experience of working in the Nordic region and in Eastern Europe.

Particular attention is paid to controlling the assembly process. All installation work is carried out with strict safety methods. Project managers, site managers and supervisors ensure the highest level of quality.

With the latest software, specialised manufacturing equipment and skilled installation crews, the processes - from design to fabrication and installation - are integrated. This speeds up the construction process and reduces its costs. 

Products in the solution

Multi Storey Frames

Using pre-fabricated frame components offers significant benefits for construction site speed and management. In typical multi-storey buildings, we use composite columns and welded WQ and UWQ beams. The system enables efficient space usage and flexible functional arrangements for the property, through long life spans and flat intermediate floors.

Unique Steel Frames

Ruukki’s combined project and production capabilities make it possible to achieve unique frame structures of an impressive scale and variety. Whether for large sports, industrial or cultural buildings, steel in competent hands makes it possible to adapt it even to the most challenging architectural and technical demands.


Kaunisvaara mine

"We at Peab are pleased we chose Ruukki as the steel structure contractor. Throughout the entire sourcing process, we have felt that we made the right decision as regards quality, environment, working environment, follow-up and delivery reliability." Tommy Lindmark, Project director, Peab AB of Sweden

Friends Arena

The Friends Arena is the largest multipurpose arena with a sliding roof in Northern Europe. Ruukki was tasked with the design, fabrication and installation of the four huge steel trusses which support the arena’s extensive roof structure.

Kilden Performing Arts Centre

What sets Kilden apart from other venues is its wavy facade. The facade structure continues indoors as the ceiling of the building. The top part of the facade is supported by bent steel columns every 25 metres.

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