Ruukki Primo Skyline 1000

Create contemporary facades with new Ruukki Primo Skyline 1000 panels. This panel is available in exceptionally big sizes and can be used for horizontal and vertical orientation. Panel comes with special features:

  • Unique tilted joints for low maintenance needs
  • Double folded edges for better durability
  • Continuously adjustable joint width 
  • Individually replaceable if damaged

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    Model name
    Ruukki Primo Skyline 1000
    Horizontal joint
    ≥ 5 mm
    Vertical joint
    ≥ 5 mm
    200...6200 mm *
    200...1900 mm *
    40 mm

    *) maximum size is 6200 x 1900 mm (free orientation)


    Fastening style

    Fastening styleJoint widthIndividually replaceable panel
    ConcealedFor horizontal joints 5...29 mmNo
    ConcealedFor horizontal joints ≥ 30 mmYes


    MaterialMaterial thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Surface treatment Available with perforationStock materialReaction to fire 
    Aluminium honeycomb14.05.2PVDFNoNoA2-s1, d0
    Aluminium honeycomb14.05.2HQPENoNoA2-s1, d0
    Colours & coatings
    Coating Standard colours
    PVDF Metallic White, Dark Grey Metallic, Traffic Red 3020, Pure White 9010, Copper Metallic, Bronze Metallic, Light Grey 7035, Grey Metallic, Anthracite Grey 7016, Umbra Grey 7022, Silver Metallic, Smoke Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Manganese Metallic, Jet Black 9005, Grey Brown 8019, Purple Red 3004, Signal Yellow 1003, Ultramarine Blue 5002
    HQPE Pure Orange 2004

    For extended colour range & other finishes, please click here.

    Minimum order quantity for Primo Skyline 100 & 150:
    FR grade: Standard & extended colour range 150 m2; other finishes 750 m2
    A2 grade: Standard & extended colour range & other finishes: 750 m2 

    Minimum order quantity for Primo Skyline 1000:
    Standard & extended colour range & other finishes: 1000 m2 

    Facade cladding system completed with flashings, fasteners and support studs provides a fully finished facade, as well easy and quick installation.
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