Ruukki smart roof

Ruukki® smart roof monitors roof snow loads and saves you the effort

Harsh northern winter conditions must be considered in building design.

Ruukki smart roof monitors the development of roof snow loads in real time and sends an alert by text message or email when you need to clear snow off the roof.

With Ruukki smart roof, you increase the safety of your property and save money by not having to clear snow from the roof unnecessarily.

  • Suitable only for Ruukki's load-bearing sheets
  • Technical devices are designed to work in dry warm indoor conditions (C1 & C2 corrosion-classed)

Typical applications:

  • Industrial, commercial and public buildings such as factories, logistics centres, warehouses, shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, and sports arenas 
Ruukki smart roof solution is currently available in Finland, Sweden and Norway.