About Ruukki

Our mission

We work with investors and developers who see opportunities.
We exist for designers and builders to fulfil their dreams.
We are here for people who bring buildings and homes to life.

Realising future buildings today

Our customers want to drive themselves towards success, and to build future proof buildings and homes as the technological and regulatory landscape evolves.

We provide advanced technology through responsive partnerships and time-tested practices to help our customers to fulfil their dreams, whether they construct new buildings, or renovate. We offer maximum lifetime value: both to professionals and for consumers.

Our offering

For consumers and roofing professionals we offer a comprehensive selection of roofing products and solar thermal solutions under the Plannja and Ruukki brands, which are available through an extensive professional dealer network. Roofing products and services are also available from Ruukki Express and Plannja service points. Roofs and roofing products are made at 10 plants in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

For construction professionals, such as investors, developers and designers, we offer  a wide range of sustainable products and services, such as frame structures, sandwich panels and facade claddings: including design tools, tailored solutions, advanced designs and excellent project management. The building products made for professionals are manufactured at 10 plants in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.


Ruukki Construction has around 3 300 employees and production in 20 plants in Europe. Comparable net sales in 2014 were SEK 6.217 bn. (~ 667 m€).

Ruukki Construction is a division of SSAB. SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company operating in over 50 countries. The Company share is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and Helsinki.